Monday, June 7, 2010

Remains of the Day

Unfortunately I've been sidelined this past week by some outpatient surgery that I had been putting off for nearly two years. I am recuperating well at home but I won't be in the studio for at least a week. Prior to the surgery I was busy working on several new canvases. I hope to have those photographed soon so that I can post them here.

The painting above, "Remains of the Day," was completed earlier this year. The structure itself is based on an actual house in Ohio but I completely reworked the surroundings and also improvised the dramatic skyscape. The Victorian architecture of Ohio (which I greatly admired while living in Columbus during the 1990s) has been an excellent source for much of my material. It lends itself to a lonely, moody atmosphere that also evokes a sense of lost elegance and grandeur, of a time gone by.

"Remains of the Day." Oil on stretched canvas, 26 x 40 inches. Completed January 2010.

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